What are the costs of an AdWords campaign?

Imagine you are a florist and you want to advertise on Google when someone searches for:

“flower delivery service”

You can appear with your website on the Google search results page, like shown in this screenshot.

When do I pay?

Your ad might be shown 1000 times but if no one clicks on your ad, you won’t pay anything. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. The actual cost per click/visitor depends on factors like the competition on the keyword and the relevance of your website to the search term. Google rewards you when you advertise on relevant search terms. For example, imagine you still have the florists, you would pay little for advertising on the search term “flower delivery service”. But advertising on “pizza delivery service” would be expensive.

What are my daily costs?

Every time someone clicks on your ad you pay a small amount. To be sure you don’t go over budget you can set a daily budget. If your average cost per click is € 0,25 and you have set the daily budget at € 5,00, you can expect 20 website visitors and you won’t pay more than € 5,00 a day.

I would like to stop, what now?

The AdWords system is very flexible. If you would like to stop advertising, you can just stop your campaigns and from that moment you won’t have any more costs.

Setting up an AdWords campaign

Before you can advertise, you need to set up your AdWords campaigns. The costs for setting up your campaign depends on the extent of your campaigns. These one-off costs can vary between €150,- and €2.000,-.

Optimize AdWords campaigns

After you have set-up your campaigns, you will need to optimize them. The budget for optimization should be relative to the budget you spend in AdWords. A customary optimization fee can vary between 10% and 30% of the budget spent in AdWords.

What are the costs and returns of AdWords?

What are the costs of an AdWords campaign for your organization and what return can you expect? When you fill out the form below we will calculate this for you.

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