Getting started with AdWords

With Google AdWords you can advertise with your company in the Google search engine. The possibilities within AdWords are extensive and it is therefore an interesting advertising channel for every company. However, Google is also incredibly complex and it is not easy to be successful if you don’t know how it works. If you want a successful campaign in AdWords, you need to have it set up by a specialist.

AdWords improvement

You are already advertising in Google AdWords and you know that there are big opportunities within the search engine. Besides the fact that AdWords management takes a lot of time, you also know that AdWords is complex. With the many options and targeting possibilities, you think you can get a higher yield out of it. And you probably can. In 9 out of 10 cases, there instant profit can be gained from making improvements to your current campaign.

The cost of Google AdWords

Imagine you are a florist and you want to advertise on Google so that your website appears on the Google search results page when someone searches for: “flower delivery service”. But how much does Google AdWords cost? With an easy example we explain how it works step by step.


AdWords Specialist Patrick Lotte

It’s hard to get a good view of the opportunities and threats in the online marketing jungle. We know all the ins and outs so you can ask us everything. Patrick is waiting for your call.

Reach me at: 023 – 303 4605

Coffee with cake

Do you want to know if we can increase your profit? Then first we want to know everything about your company. That way we can evaluate if we can be of value to you. Our first customer is still a valued customer and we want to start a long-term relationship with you too. We prefer to visit you for the first meeting, but by phone is also possible if more convenient.

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