You’re advertising on Google and you know there are lots of opportunities in search engine marketing. Managing an AdWords account is labour-intensive and you also know that it’s quite complex. With so many adjustment and targeting options, you ask yourself how AdWords can be more profitable for you. This is a fair question because in 9 out of 10 cases, higher profits can be achieved immediately.

When you want to succeed by using Google AdWords then you should choose to outsource your AdWords campaigns to a specialist. Outsourcing your campaigns to Echo Marketing means:

  • Complete care

    We get the best results from your campaigns and share these results on a monthly basis with clear reporting. This way you can fully focus on your core business.

  • Stay ahead of your competitor

    By outsourcing AdWords to a professional you get a higher yield. By this your competitive position improves significantly.

  • Less costs

    If you want to grow you should first improve your yield. We know all the developments in the AdWords area and because of that you will save on your advertising costs.

  • Flexibility

    With us you are at liberty to stop whenever you want. We don’t work with complicated contracts.

Don’t waste money

You can waste a lot of money with just one small mistake in AdWords. A free scan from one of our AdWords specialists prevents this from happening to you. After the scan we will advise on where improvements can be made and also let you know what it would cost to outsource your campaigns.

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AdWords Specialist Patrick Lotte

It’s hard to get a good view of the opportunities and threats in the online marketing jungle. We know all the ins and outs so you can ask us everything. Patrick is waiting for your call.

Reach me at: 023 – 303 4605

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Do you want to know if we can increase your profit? Then first we want to know everything about your company. That way we can evaluate if we can be of value to you. Our first customer is still a valued customer and we want to start a long-term relationship with you too. We prefer to visit you for the first meeting, but by phone is also possible if more convenient.

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