You think your website is great, but what do your visitors think about it? To maximize the return of your AdWords campaigns it is essential to know what people are doing on your website. Do visitors leave your website within 5 seconds or do they read the pages carefully? Gather this valuable data right now!

The numbers help you improve!

A lot of companies are focussing on increasing the number of visitors. Of course, it’s good to have visitors but more importantly you want them to complete certain actions.  With special software we can analyze the behaviour of your website visitors. We can see which pages are visited, on which pages visitors leave your website and which elements attract the most attention. By using analytics software for a couple of months we can discover what the bottlenecks are that prevent visitors from converting into customers. Solving these bottlenecks result in a higher return on your marketing activities.

Free heatmap of your website?

Would you like to know where your website visitors click on the pages? Request a (free) heatmap of your website!


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Request a (free) heatmap of your website!